Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Who is Dana Schutz

Who is Dana Schutz? Yes, she was born 1976, so now she is 31, and she is painter making New York want to create in.
she grow up in suburban Michigan, graduated in Cleavland institute of art.
And now there is Saatachi Gallery and MOMA, Zack Feuer, what cold New York galleries would do widouth her paintings. It would not feel the same. We like her. We love the colors, we think and watch and feel. How can we enjoy self eaters. Why we smile while looking in portrait of man with wooden teeth? because it is fun, it brings us to youngster and in bed of dying it.
In Bomb Magazine[1], critic Mei Chin wrote that "dissection and dismemberment abound in Dana Schutz's work, all offset by sunny colors and a pert sense of humor. Among other things, she has created a race of people who eat themselves; a guy called Frank who is the last man on Earth; a gravity-phobic person who has tied herself to the ground; and a variety of characters that are spliced, for different reasons, on operating tables. Schutz loves to give her characters life and then cut them up. Yet hers is a blithe cruelty, the curiosity of a child playing at being a creator. Even when she hates, she does it with whimsy."
Schutz draws on a rich amalgamation of sources including the German Expressionists, Henri Matisse and the Fauves, Paul Gauguin and the Symbolists, Philip Guston and others, but she inventively twists, subverts, and recreates pictoral conventions with a compelling intensity and freshness. In her paintings, narrative and portraiture become something totally unexpected. "My pictures float in and out of pictorial genres," says Schutz. "Still-lifes become personified, portraits become events, and landscapes become constructions. I embrace the area between which the subject is composed and decomposing, formed and formless, inanimate and alive." In quoting or assimilating art historical styles%2

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