Sunday, April 1, 2007

wall murals

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Some murals may consist of 6-8 panels for a
wall coverage up to 12'9"W x8'10"H.

A cutter, a pair of scissors, a bucket, a brush, ruler, a pencil and a soft wallpaper brush or a foam roll.

1. Prepare the ground:
The wall or door surface has to be prepared in the same way as for ordinary wallpaper: Rough areas have to be eliminated; the ground should be plane, dry and free of dust, oil-based paint or any previous wall covering.

2. Prepare the enclosed wallpaper paste:
Add slowly one quart of water to the entire bag of paste till the required texture is achieved. Incase additional paste is required any other standard paste can be used.

3. Sizing the wall:
Draw a horizontal line equidistant from floor to ceiling to align the panel later when mounted.

4. Lay out the design:
Cut up to the rough size of the wall
5. Apply the photomural:
Apply the glue carefully and uniformly taking particular care to coat the edges.

*Do not fold the pasted panel.
*Apply within 1 -2 min.
*Do not soak the paper in paste.
*Continue applying pieces carefully, overlap edges by approximately 1mm.

6. Wait 2 hours minimum to dry the photomural. Finish off by trimming any excess.

***Extra Tips
Small bubbles will disappear when the photomural is dry.
Avoid any drafts and work at a temperature of app. 20°C.
Check that the photomural is OK before applying paste

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