Wednesday, April 25, 2007

decline Turner, good girl!

Yes it is all deal about Sarah Lucas.
Lucas's 2006 solo exhibition at Tate Liverpool was criticized by Jonathan Jones in The Guardian as mediocre.

sarah Lucas was born 1962 in London. She came to prominence as one of young British artist.
her work is just her own and se usually make a use of ready made.
She studied at the London College of Printing before switching to fine art at Goldsmiths College from 1984 - 1987, where she had a relationship with Damien Hirst, before forming one with Gary Hume. Her early work was sculptural installations, and with this work Lucas took part in the Freeze exhibition.
In interviews she has admitted that after Freeze her career languished for a few years and she was known primarily as Gary Hume's girlfriend. After spending a year with him in New York in 1990, the relationship ended and Lucas returned to London, where she began a long-lasting relationship with Angus Fairhurst, i will write about him in mzy next blog.
She had a solo exhibition at City Racing of collages based on spreads from British tabloid newspapers. The lurid pieces emphasising sex, deformity, violence and sensationalism, typified many of the elements associated with the YBAs. Charles Saatchi bought the entire set and they were exhibited at his then-North London Saatchi Gallery the following year. Lucas used the money from the sale to finance "The Shop", a project run with friend Tracey Emin as "The Birds" in 1993. Many of Lucas's works from this period were subtle parodies of the work of more famous contemporaries.
Apart from contributions to group shows such as Brilliant! (1995) and Sensation (1997) Lucas did not have a major solo exhibition until 1998, when one was organised by her dealer Sadie Coles in an empty building in Clerkenwell. The exhibition featured Lucas's signature of cigarettes, stuck onto objects such as crash helmets. In 2000 Lucas was commissioned to install a series of works at the Freud Museum; this was accompanied by an exhibition at Sadie Coles' Gallery. These works were female-type forms made using tights and inspired by Louise Bourgeois. Lucas's 2006 solo exhibition at Tate Liverpool was criticized by Jonathan Jones in The Guardian as mediocre.

It is reported that Lucas has declined nomination for the Turner Prize on a number of occasions.

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