Monday, May 7, 2007

Ansel Adams first time in Vienna, Austria

Photo gallery WestLicht in Vienna became a point of overview of one of chapters of photographic history. It is dedicated to Photography lovers , and especially those engaged to Ansel Adams (1902-1984), Californian photographer classic and member of group f/64(which is mark for shade that makes very deep sharpness; he found it together with Edward Weston, William Van Dyk and Imogen Cunningham),who with his amazing black and white landscapes and his typical atmospheric effects, exact compositions and and with filing for individual objects gave big support to create a global visual image of west of united states. Central position in his photography goes to Californian Yosemite natural park, which brought him to status of author of many ontological photography books and his open important role in establishing photographic cabinet in New York MOMA. In Vienna where exhibition will be open till 03.06.07 they took his opus in cut of 75 photographies from collection of his family exact from Anne Adams Helms, and they looked for partners in The Ansel Adams Trust. Specialty of selection of this exhibition is, that in last days of his life Adams created this selection by him self in sens of narrow of his classical works which build him. These are shots of landscapes, nature and nature details and portraits and architectural studies. For all info follow link.